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CPAP SEAL Gel Liner 

The ultimate seal for any CPAP mask leak at any pressure regardless facial features or mask type (Video Demo).

Made of a proprietary formula of Semi Liquid Polymer Gel, the most pliable Gel with an unparalleled molding and shock absorbing features.

Will seal the most challenging mask leaks and cushion masks facial trauma.  Made of mineral oils.  Silicon free, Latex free and Hypoallergenic.

3D design with an extra padding to seal the most vulnerable leaking points and to lock the liner inside the mask to prevent moving during sleep.

The result: a custom made CPAP mask fit, with the ultimate seal for any CPAP leak with unparalleled comfort.


How the CPAPSeal Gel Liner can help with CPAP mask leak :

1- Stop the CPAP leak !! The unmatched most pliable gel will mold to any gap between the mask and face, and seal it preventing Mask Leaks.

2-Avoid tiredness that is caused by fragmented sleep either from leaking noise or from dropping of prescribed CPAP pressure.

3- Prevent facial trauma, sore nasal bridge, forehead bruise or eye soreness as mask will never touch your face again.

4- No more back of head soreness, neck pain or morning headache from tight straps or mask pressure.

5- Avoid mask allergy as gel is hypoallergenic, latex free and silicon free.

6- Gel has cooling properties, which keep its temperature 2 degrees below room temperature.

7- Makes CPAP treatment much more comfortable and CPAP  compliance much easier.

7- No more buying of multiple masks to find a fit.. It fits almost any mask on any face.

8- Saves a lot of money in CPAP masks over lifetime.



  The most pliable material to control CPAP Leak!