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CPAPSeal Mask Straps:

1- What types of CPAPSeal Gel Liner are available?
We carry Gel Liners for all types of masks.
1- Full Face Gel Liner: For all Full Face masks which are masks that cover nose and mouth and reach to middle of lower lip.
2- Chin Face Gel Liner: For Chin Full Face Masks, which are masks that cover nose and mouth and reach below the chin.
These masks are: FlexiFit HC431- FlexiFit HC432- Forma Full Face- Hans Rudolph 7600 Series V2.
3-Nasal Gel Liner: For Nasal Masks which are are masks that cover only the nose.
4-Hybrid Gel Liner: For Hybrid masks which are masks that connect to the nose by nasal pillows and to the mouth by a mouth piece.
Hybrid Gel Liner is only for the mouth piece of all kinds of hybrid masks.
5-Total Face Gel Liner: For FitLife Total face mask: a mask that cover the eyes, nose and mouth. This mask looks like a diving mask

2- How can I choose the right Gel Liner for my mask?

First: Know the type of your CPAP Mask:
Under "Buy" page, each Gel Liner's detail page will have a picture of what your mask should look like. Please click on that picture to enlarge it and to read the description of that particular mask.

Second: Know the Size of your CPAP Mask:
Mask size is always written on the silicone cushion of all masks and marked as letters (L=Large , M=Medium, S=Small). Turn your mask around and inspect the silicon cushion at the bottom to see that letter.
Third: Follow the sizing guide for the the Gel Liner :
Full Face Masks:
Large sized Full Face mask needs Large Full Face Gel Liner.
Medium and Small sized Full Face mask needs Small Full Face Gel Liner.
Chin Full Face Masks:
Large and Medium sized Chin Full Face mask needs Large Chin Gel Liner.
Small sized Chin Full Face mask needs Small Chin Gel Liner.
Nasal Masks:
Nasal Gel Liner comes in one size fits all. It covers all sizes of Nasal Masks.

Total Face Mask:
Small size FitLife Total Face mask needs Small Total Face Gel Liner.
Large size FitLife Total face mask needs Large Total Face Gel Liner.

Hybrid Masks:
Hybrid Gel Liner comes in one size fits all. Hybrid Gel Liner is for the mouth piece only of all Hybrid Masks.


3- Can the Gel Liner harm my mask?
No, the CPAP Seal gel liner is as soft as baby skin and is designed to peel off easily from the mask and the face.


4- How often should I replace my Gel Liner?
CPAPSeal Gel Liner should be replaced every 3-6 months.


5- Can I wash the Gel Liner? What is the cleaning instructions for the Gel Liner?
The Gel Liner is washable. It should be washed with mild soap and tap water.


6-Does middle hole of the Gel Liner allow enough space for breathing from nose and mouth?

Yes. This Gel is so elastic and liquid like. The middle hole will easily stretch to 150% of its size.
Breathing path for any mask will not be affected. For Full Face mask, you will be able to breath from either nose or mouth or both. For Nasal mask, you will easily breath from the nose. Whatever breathing path the mask is designed for, it will be patent.

7- Do I need to remove the mask's original silicon cushion?
No. You use the CPAP Mask as is without removing its original silicon cushion. You just place the Gel Liner first on your face then you place the the CPAP Mask on top.


8- What types of CPAPSeal Mask Straps are available?

CPAPSeal Mask Straps comes in one size fits all. There are 2 types of CPAPSeal Mask Straps. The only difference between both types is whether the straps have gel pads or not.

CPAPSeal Gel Straps: made of 2 soft breathable straps + 2 soft Velcro straps for optional connections + 2 Gel Pads.

CPAPSeal Light Straps: made of 2 soft breathable straps + 2 soft Velcro straps for optional connections.


9- Can CPAPSeal Mask Straps fit any mask?

CPAPSeal Mask Straps are universal and will fit any mask except Quattro FX.


10- How can CPAPSeal Mask Straps attach to my own mask?

By using the mask's own attachments to its original straps. You just remove the original straps and slide the CPAPSeal straps instead, using the mask's own attachment method (hook, clip ..etc) .


11- Do CPAPSeal Mask Straps replace original Mask Straps or to be added on?

CPAPSeal Mask Straps Replace original Mask straps and NOT to be added on. You remove the original Mask Straps and replace them with the CPAPSeal Mask Straps instead.

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12- How often do I need to replace CPAPSeal Mask Straps?

It is recommended that you replace CPAPSeal Mask Straps every 6 months.

13- Do you ship internationally?
Yes we ship worldwide

14- How much does shipping cost?
We have a flat rate shipping regardless how many items you order.
USA: $6.99
Canada: $12.99
International: $16.99


15- What is your return policy?
Our return policy:
1- Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Within 15 days from the day you receive your order, if you are not completely satisfied with any of our products for any reason, simply contact customer service by email: [email protected]. We will give you RMA # as well as all return instructions.
2- Within 5 business days after receiving your returned order, we will issue you a refund for the purchase price minus $10 disposal fees for each item returned as all personal health items can’t be resold and they have to be disposed.
3- Please note that returned products should be in its original condition, not altered or cut, as cuts can render the Gel Liner nonfunctional and we shouldn't cover a warranty for desroyed products by personal custom. Only custom cut the products if you are sure you will keep them.
4- Return policy is granted for one Gel Liner and one Mask Strap to try them at our own risk, but not to buy 3-4 liners of different types / sizes to try them all and see which you prefer. This is not what the return policy for. We appreciate your consideration as this is a personal health item.